Resources for Property Purchasers

For Property Purchasers

Building Permits


City Building Inspector - Chuck Paige 719-738-1046

Call between 8-10 am M - F


Huerfano County

County Building Inspector - Steve Channel 719-738-1220

Call between 8-9 am M - F


La Veta

Town Building Inspector - Rick Walter 719-742-3631

Call Tuesday or Thursday, 8-10 am

Septic Permits

Huerfano County Health Department 719-738-2650

Electrical Permits

Colorado State Electrical Inspector 719-738-1317

Plumbing Permits

Colorado State Plumbing Inspector 719-738-1317

Well Permits

Colorado Division of Water Resources 719-542-3368

Well Commissioner, Division 2, Janet Kuzmiak

Water Rights Information

Water Court Clerk (Pueblo) 719-583-7048
Colorado Division of Water Resources 719-738-3368

Hydrologists, Dowsers, and Water Quality Testing

Geological and Hydrology Studies  

Roger Cain

Thurman Isbell, Dowser 719-742-3237

or toll free at work

Huerfano County Health Department 719-738-2650

The Health Department offers a coliform bacteria test
for $10. Pick up a bottle at their office (119 E. 5th in Walsenburg),
follow simple instructions and mail the water sample to Pueblo.

Stewart Environmental Consultants 800-373-1348

This is the only lab in this area that does testing for
a wide variety of water contaminants. Call them for prices and directions
using their bottles for water samples. They are located in Colorado

Home Depot (In Pueblo) sells a test kit made by Ametek.

The kit currently sell for $5.99 and the test includes: ph, chloramine,
nitrate, chlorine, iron and hardness. This is a mail-in test.

Well Drillers

Ozark Drilling (Walsenburg) 719-845-9331
Nequette Drilling (Westcliffe) 719-783-2652
Sharpe Drilling (Trinidad) 719-846-2584
Boday Drilling (Trinidad) 719-846-6412
Alpine Drilling (Cañon City) 719-275-7084
Reeves Drilling (Rye) 719-489-2660

Handy Water Equivalents

1 cubic foot = 7.48 gallons = 62.4 lbs. of water

1 acre foot = 43,560 cubic feet = 325,828 gallons

An acre foot covers 1 acre of land 1 foot deep

1 cubic foot per second (cfs) - 448.8 gallons per minute

1 cfs = 646,272 gallons per day

1 cfs for 24 hours = 1.983 acre feet

for 30 days = 59.5 acre feet

for 1 year = 724 acre feet


Wachob & Wachob, Bill Wachob 719-676-3665
Advanced Survey, Joe Gonzales 719-543-6245
Shy Surveyors & Associates 719-783-2347
KGIS and Surveying, David Kraettli 719-227-1999

Lenders (These are some local lenders that we commonly work with.
Check the yellow pages for many more options.)

Century Savings and Loan


First National Bank in Trinidad, Huerfano County Branch


First National Bank in Walsenburg



Electric Service

San Isabel Electric Association

Area engineering office in Pueblo West


Local Office in Walsenburg


The engineer's office told us that a full mile of new line would
cost roughly $20,000 to $22,000 depending on many construction variables.
Generally, the first $5,000 of the cost of new service paid via
a five year contract with monthly payments (some power is included
with the contract), and the balance must be paid in cash (often
included in the overall building loan package). There costs and
policies change from time to time, so be sure to call SIEA for details
specific to your plans.


Ludvik Propane

(Walsenburg) 719-738-1141

La Veta Propane

(La Veta) 719-742-3291

All Star Gas

(Pueblo) 719-545-1106

We were told by both Huerfano County companies that tank rental
runs approximately $50 to $60 per year, depending on tank size,
and that the installation of the tank and the line to the home begins
around $250 and goes up from there, depending on the distance from
the tank to the home and on how easy it is to dig the trench for
the line. All Star Gas delivers propane to Huerfano County locations,
but does not do service work. All Star told us that they do not
charge any tank rental fee!

Telephone Service

Walsenburg area Qwest 800-244-1111
La Veta and Gardner areas Centurytel 800-261-7649
Lascar Road area Rye Telephone Co. 719-676-3131

Trees from the Colorado State Forest Service

The Colorado State Forest Service offers trees, at cost, to landowners
who have a minimum of two acres. Contact District Forester C. K. Morey
(719-742-3588) with specific questions and for information that will help
you plan ahead for your windbreaks, shelterbelts, erosion control, reforestation
or living snow fences. More that 45 species of trees are available to
be ordered in the fall for delivery in the spring. Order blanks may also
be picked up from the C. U. Extension Service office in Huerfano County

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