Reference Materials

Reference Materials

We think you will find the following websites, books, and other publications
helpful in various ways.


Topographical: U.S.G.S. Quadrangle Maps and the Colorado Atlas
& Gazetteer

Available at:  

Hollowpoint Gun Shop


Pueblo Blue Print in Pueblo


Pueblo Blue Print also carries Forest Service Maps, and various
other state maps.

The Colorado Atlas & Gazetter is also available
at our real estate office: Acorn Realty of Southern Colorado 719-738-1818

Forest Service

You can buy maps in person from the Forest Service offices:

US Forest Service, Pike/San Isabel Headquarters

1920 Valley Dr., Pueblo, CO 81008


Or in La Veta:

103 E. Field St., La Veta, CO 81055

Or the maps can be ordered via Forest Service website:

Huerfano County Road Map and various subdivisions in Huerfano
County are available from the Huerfano County Courthouse, usually @ $5
each. Drop by the County Clerk's Office.

Information on radon gas and/or lead paint, as possible dangers
in homes, is available from the United States Environmental Protection
Agency. The regional office for our area is in Denver and can be contacted
at 800-227-8917.

Lots of great information on homes is available from both of the
following websites: -
Writer James Dulley has bulletins available on almost every topic
from appliances to windows. His bulletins can be mailordered or downloaded
for a minimal fee.
- Ken Moon is a former home builder whose site also offers lots of
useful information.

Good Neighbor Guidebook for Colorado This informative book is
valuable reading for anyone, long time resident of rural Colorado or recent
transplant. The authors are attorneys and professional mediators and there
are chapters written by various authorities. Excellent reference for those
wanting to avoid lawsuits and other "neighbor" problems, this
book is based on the premise that most conflicts can be avoided by knowing
and respection the law. For more onformation, visit:

High altitude baking requires a few adjustments from what many
are used to. Get helpful information from the Colorado State University
Extension Service. Call 877-692-9358 or e-mail to

Solar and other renewable energy books, consulting and more are
available from Real Goods at 800-919-2400. They are the oldest
and largest provider of these types of goods.

Antiques, crafts and more Like to nose around for the old and
new as you travel? You will find helpful information for finding shops
filled with lots of great stuff in the Country Register. Call 970-613-9514

Hand crafted leather goods: Saddles, purses, belts, holsters,
etc. are available from local craftsman Ben West. Ben has decades of experience
and advertises Real Cowboy Gear. Ben has a shop in Walsenburg and
can be reached at 719-738-0797.

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