"I just wanted to say thank you for doing such a wonderful job! Anytime I had to call you you with a question you always got back to me quickly with an answer. Your knowledge of the area and your honest feedback were greatly appreciated. You were an absolute pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend you to anyone."
-Tony Lima

"We did business selling acreage in Walsenburg area with Susie with Acorn Realty. Susie was a pleasure to work with, got our asking price with no pressure or hassle! I highly recommend Acorn realty!"
-Tami Hernandez of Johnstown, CO

"Over the last twelve years I have utilized the services of Susie on several purchases and selling of real estate. Susie provides clear advice with the goal of supplying the necessary information to make decisions regarding purchase or selling and reaching agreement between buyers and sellers. Susie is always positive and friendly when dealing with buyers and sellers. Susie is well versed in her market and regulations regarding real estate transactions. Susie is excellent at presenting only interested and qualified buyers. I have always found Susie to be hard working and possessing high standards of ethics. If the need should arise at a future time I will utilize Susie's services."
-Michele Gilchrist

"I work for DOT building roads...so we have not really set down roots...We have always liked Walsenburg. The location, people and atmosphere have always appealed to us. We wanted an inexpensive house and a location where the cost of living is affordable and basically to retire in. Susie is extraordinarily knowledgeable on all the properties for sale in the city (county)...and she helped us choose the right one for our needs and budget.Susie relieved our anxiety and kept the process going towards closing. I am so thankful we met Susie. She is a god send. I would recommend Acorn Realty for anyone looking to buy as the most honest, no pressure and knowledgeable office in the county and thank you, Susie, for the advice, hard work and comradery."
-Kenneth and Donna Southall

"Susie has been wonderful, and is the most thorough and informed real estate agent I have ever met! Never have I dealt with an agent who has been more helpful, or has gone out 'the extra mile' to make the transaction go more smoothly! Thank you for my "Paradise" mountain property Susie! I will be sending my friends and family to you for all their future real estate possibilities. Yours truly"
-Joe Sobey of Wisconsin

"When I was in the market to purchase my retirement home, I had worked with a couple of different local Real Estate offices and I felt that I was not getting the personal and true relationship from the agents. I would get passed back and forth between agents and neither communicated with each other and most of the time I could not contact the agent. When I contacted Susie Wintersieck at Acorn Realty, she quickly found us a home that we purchased.
Susie Wintersieck presents the professional and personal interests to her clients that are rare to find for prospective home and property buyers."
-Stephen White

"I would like to thank you for your help in selling my home. You are very professional and showed genuine kindness and patience with any questions of concern I had with the sale of my home. I would recommend you to anyone."
-Debra Reynolds

"spot on with all the paper work. I have bought and sold with Susie, would recommend her for either."
- Larry Larson

"Our home search actually started several months before actually making a home purchase. Susie makes a conscious effort to know both her buyers AND sellers to make sure that all involved successfully meet their objectives. Susie is a great listener and takes it all into perspective and does not demonstrate the "pushy" approach that many agents do. In my particular situation Susie acted as a "transaction broker" and was able to put everything together. She is well versed on different types of mortgage loan programs and which properties are a good fit for various types of loans...She has a very good working knowledge of the local market. I would recommend her to anyone (especially if they are not from the local area)in their search for a home."
- Fred Partee

"Acorn Realty is phenomenal. Susie has helped us negotiate and close several contracts, and she's always been the consummate professional for both buyer and seller. She's knowledgeable, efficient, proactive, up-to-date, and great fun to work with. We couldn't have asked for better service. We highly recommend Acorn, whether it's buying or selling property in Southern Colorado. Thanks, Susie, for making the process such a pleasant experience every time!"
- Bill and Penny Marshall

"Susie, I know it has been some time since we finalized the sale of our home, but as we approach having to make our first payment, I am reminded of the path we took to get here. You were such a blessing to us as we made the transition to Walsenburg. From the first day we met, you have been so accommodating and helpful. We wondered if anyone would be able to show us houses on such a short notice, but you came through brilliantly. And then through all the delays in waiting for the house to become available, you were so patient and easy to work with. We know that we would not have been able to make this move without you. Thank you so much for seeing the process through and being a great manager of the whole thing. You are a great credit to your field and the city of Walsenburg."
- The Overman Family

"Susie is a superb agent. We were so fortunate to have come across her. Completely knowledgable about all the ins and outs of the region, in-depth maps, plats, history plus so much more. We truly couldn't have been any luckier - the one stop resource in Walsenburg!"
- Harry Wysocki and Steffany Tucker

"Our experience of purchasing a vacation home in the Walsenburg area was made much more tolerable and rewarding thanks to having Susie Wintersieck as our broker. Her wealth of knowledge and experience in dealing with the local real estate market not only helped us make a better, well-informed decision about the property we chose, but her easy going and pleasant personality made it a delight to work with her and undertake the process. We enthusiastically recommend her services to others seeking a similar fruitful outcome in this regard."
- Gary and Simin Cwick

"Susie is the BEST Realtor. We purchased a home with Susie. I was kept up t date all the way thru the process. I received responses to questions very quickly which made the whole process less stressful. I really appreciated Susie's attention to detail. It was a smoothe transaction and I would highly recommend Susie."
- Paula Briglin

"Susie did an awesome job walking us through our first HUD-purchase experience. Her patience and ever-positive attitude were reassuring."
- Craig and Elaine Woodard

"Susie Wintersieck is a wonderful real estate agent. She goes above and beyond to help you find the perfect home you are looking for. She keeps working for you until the sale is final."
- Cleo Brunelli

"Thanks so much for your help in selling our land. I couldn't believe how quickly you worked. The sale and closing went smoothly and I couldn't be happier. I am so glad we chose you for our broker."
- Jay and Rebecca Oliver

"Susie, thank you for all the help you made finding a house I wanted. You truly are giving me individual service. Anyone moving into this area should use you because of your extensive knowledge of the area."
- Elliott Baker

"Susie was a wonderfully helpful and motivated agent. I was located away from the area of my property and relied on her a ton to help sell it. She is always available and willing to go out of her way to help you."
- Kriss Dressler

"Thanks Susie. I'm happy to say you did a wonderful job on selling my Uncle's property and more specifically how quick and efficient you were. Returned phone calls promptly and closed the deal with as little stress as possible. I was first concerned about the fact the property was in Colorado and I live in Ohio but that was quickly resolved in a smooth transition from initial contact to the closing."
- Ed Verderber

"I recently purchased a house in Walsenburg through Acorn Realty. I would like everyone to know what a pleasure it was to work with Susie Wintersieck. She was very helpful in helping me find a house and willingly went the extra mile to help me in any way she could. I wish everyone I deal with in everyday life was as helpful as she was."
- Leo Sager

"I just wanted to say thank you for all the hard work you put in on the purchase of our property. You are a joy to work with and everything was done according to plan. You always went above and beyond to meet our needs."
- Sandra Griego

"The Graley's wanted to let you know how much we appreciated working with you on our recent real estate purchase. We have bought/sold somewhere around 20 plus properties, residential, commercial & rental properties. We can't recall ever working with a real estate agent/broker that was as personable, helpful and knowledgeable as you. You knew the property in detail, the area, and the various businesses/utilities that are necessary for occupying and maintaining the house/property. In fact, you volunteered and were the contact person with them in several instances in our absence. You walked the 35 acres with us to be sure that we were familiar with the total property. An maybe most importantly we felt that we could totally relay on what you told us. Finally you were always easily accessible, which was very important since we were not able to be in the area most of he time. Thank you for making this such an enjoyable experience for us."
- Carolyn & Gary Graley

"Thanks to Acorn Realty of Southern Colorado, I was able to identify what I consider to be an ideal, large, vacant land parcel, compare it to other opportunities in the region, and complete a purchase within about 7 months time. Everything went very smooth and was accelerated by your outstanding knowledge of, an experience in the Walsenburg, Colorado area."
- James R. Shannon

"My mom and I want to express our thanks to you for your professional yet personable help in selling her house in Walsenburg. Your assistance in filling out the disclosure form was concise and inciteful, you eagerness to get the house on the market and show it got us the buyer within a month. You paid attention to what we said, you were patient and enthusiastic at the right times, you gave us advice when and where we needed it and we will always be grateful to you for your positive attitude and professionalism.
- Barbara Orr

"Susie Rocks!...need more? OK,Susie is the best real estate broker I've ever dealt with. She is most concerned about her clients needs and not focused exclusively on a commission. She knows everybody in town who can get things done and they all know her. Susie will work with you to get you what YOU want and need--she actually listens. In addition to all of this, Susie is really nice and fun to work with. Buying or selling, she is the one. She is almost too good to be true....Like I said, Susie Rocks!
- Mike Sandusky

"Susie, just wanted to tell you again, thank-you so much for all the help and extra work you did in helping us find and close on our new home. You seem to know all the right people to help get the job done from gutters to septic systems. You are the person we would recommend and use for any of our real estate needs. Thank you again"
- Brenda&JackJones

"Susie, we just want to thank you again for helping us find our dream home right there in Walsenburg! As first time home buyers, (and being from out of state) we went from apprehension and intimidation, to calm and confidence with your knowledgeable guidance and your helpful spirit! Besides helping us find EXACTLY the house we have been searching for, your willingness to go the extra mile and helping us with everything from finding a reliable home inspector, all the utilities we needed, to even guiding us to insurance companies, we just can't imagine how the whole process could have gone any smoother! You are truly a Colorado treasure, and we would (and WILL!) recommend you to ANYBODY and EVERYBODY that is considering ANY kind of real estate dealings! We just can't thank you enough for all you did for us!"
- YourNEWFRIENDS,AnthonyandAnnMiller

"Susie-Thank you for the excellent work you did helping us sell a house in Walsenburg. We are extremely pleased to have completed the sale today. Neither me nor my mom live in Walsenburg, so we looked around to find a Realtor to manage this sale for us. it was important to have someone who would manage the sale without us being present. You did an excellent job! We liked the fact that you work full time in Real Estate and that you gave us all the attention that was needed to sell the house. We also liked you easy-going, professional style of working with us. Even more important, you had contacts to help us when we needed to make repairs prior to the sale and have the furniture picked up. We could always count on you to keep us informed on what was needed to be done and always have someone available to help us accomplish it. We would encourage anyone with Real Estate needs in Walsenburg to contact you. Thanks!"
- Arnold Gladson,Cedar Park,TX

"I have known Susie and Joe Wintersieck for many years and have always trusted their advice. I purchased my property in 1996 and love the area, but due to some changes, I was forced to sell my property. I opted to contact susie about listing the property and within a short time she generated interested buyers. The land was sold and Acorn Realty handled everything very professionally. When I look for another property I intend to call Susie at Acorn Realty in Walsenburg, Co."
- Edward Davies, Perkasie, PA

"I want to thank you, Susie, for being so helpful in assisting me to find just the right piece of property for us. I appreciate your time in the field and staying on top of all I needed to do to make the deal happen. You were a pleasure to work with and hope we get to work with you again if another piece of property is available."
- Mike Carrigan

"Susie Wintersieck regarding realtor broker capabilities rates high. In an extremely tough financial situation, and a failing market, Susie got the job done! She has been honorable throughout the home purchase ordeal which I find to be uncommon with realtors. I have been recommending her to friends and family for new property purchases, sales, rentals, etc."
- Barry M. Simms

"Being an excitable boy, and unfamiliar with Walsenburg time....I could not have picked a better realtor to guide me through the process. I'm very satisfied with the service,and would recommend Susie wholeheartedly."
- Gerry Greenwood

"I would like to thank you for helping me with the purchase on the house at 217 W Tenth St. in Walsenburg! You were very professional throughout the whole process and I just wanted to thank you. I would recommend you to anybody that is looking to buy property in the Walsenburg area."
- Kenny Herrera

"I want to thank you for a spectacular job in getting my house sold. I was at an impasse with the potential buyers, talking back and forth for a couple of years and it looked like things were going nowhere when I got a call from you in January of 2010 telling me you were acting as a transaction broker to try to complete the deal. Although I was very skeptical, your patience and clear thinking helped me to continue with the process. We soon came to an agreement and closed on the house on April 9, 2010. Thanks again for a top drawer piece of work."
- Sanford Cohen

"This letter is to say thanks for all the many, many extra steps you and your company have taken to make my dream of owning a small house in Colorado come true. Your knowledge of the area, along with your guidance on the real estate market, gave me the much needed edge in picking out and buying the right property at the right price. Your help with local service people has really made the difference. Susie, your efforts have made my buying experience a good one, good luck with the future "deals" for your company."
- J.D. Smith

"It was a pleasure working with you, Susie. Your friendly demeanor, professionalism, prompt responses, and accurate information facilitated one of the most exciting purchases we've made in our lives. Truly, a stress-free experience."
- Mike and Tami Kopek

"Thanks so much for helping us find the perfect buyers for our land. It was certainly a smooth and easy transaction. We would strongly recommend you to any prospective buyers/sellers in your area. Again, thanks for your professional, yet personal service."
- Linda Allison and Ken Griffin

"Thanks for the great job you did as the transaction broker in our recent home purchase. We are very happy with the outcome of your efforts and we're very pleased with our new home. Thanks for taking the time to listen to what we wanted. You didn't waste our time with lots of "walk throughs". You responded quickly to our calls. All of our questions were answered in a manner that was easy to understand. Most of our questions you answered, the rest, you led us to someone who could. You succeeded in making us feel that you had our best interest at heart. We will certainly call on you again. Furthermore, we will share our positive opinion of the outstanding service you provide to anyone seeking a real real estate professional. Thanks again."
- Larry and Roseanna Olguin

"I would like to thank Susie Wintersieck and her staff for helping us make our dream come true. Thank you Susie for being so nice and patient with my husband and I. We appreciate all the time you put into this, and you going out of your way to work around my husbands hours, and returning all my calls even though I would call you three times a day . Haha, that was just pure excitement. Well, Susie, thanks again, and I will highly recommend you if anyone is looking for a home. You are the BEST!"
- Nick and Maria Urdiales and Family

"You are the best Real Estate agents in the world."
- Glenn and Kathi Jones

"We really appreciate the way you handled the whole matter. You were very professional and knowledgeable. All written correspondence, as well as verbal, was very clear."
- Glenn and Patricia Manhart

"Lorraine and I want to tell you how much we appreciate all your effort and work in the sale of our land. We are happy... you not only kept us well informed...we were singularly pleased..."
- Tony and Lorraine Fontana

"It took us years to find the piece of property that met our needs and fit our price range, but in that time Joe was the only Realtor that stuck by us and kept providing us with new listings to view. He took the time to get to know us, and he was patient with us as we worked through the process of figuring out what our property needs included. We would recommend him to anyone looking for real estate in southern Colorado."
- Mark and Kimberly Brunner for Upon the Rock, a Christian Camp

"We thank you again for your good work on our behalf. You were very courteous and thoroughly professional in every aspect of our association."
- Guy Marsh

"Joe Wintersieck, owner of Acorn Realty, has worked for us in both the purchase and sale of real estate. We've found him to be extremely professional, knowledgeable, honest, and besides, he's a lot of fun! We would recommend Acorn Realty to anyone who needs results from real estate sales or assistance in finding the "right" property to purchase."
- Sherri and Keith Bakeman

"Thanks for the update. We are very impressed with your service!"
- Thomas Hirsch

"Competence, a quick wit and a wisdom of market and political conditions are a few of the unique benefits which we have enjoyed as continuing customers of Acorn Realty and Joe Wintersieck."
- Jeff Bowen, The Investment Management Group, Ltd.

"I wouldn't hesitate to recommend you to anyone who wants to buy or sell in your area."
- Elianna james

"Susie Wintersieck was as enthusiastic about showing us the last home we looked at as she was about the first. There was no high pressure sell or attempts to get us to "move up". When we finally settled on the home we wanted, Joe and Susie worked with us every step of the way. The transaction was virtually glitch free and any questions we had were promptly answered. We are pleased to recommend Acorn Realty if you are thinking of buying real estate in Walsenburg or Huerfano County."
- Jerry Skrzynear and Marlene Schwarz

"Joe Wintersieck helped us find the perfect place. In the process, we found him to be knowledgeable, thorough, and personable. We have worked with many Realtors, and Joe is the best."
- Van and Carran Muhn

"George, the sale has happened so fast, my head is still spinning! You did a great job, and I just had a feeling when I contracted with you that you would make it happen. Thanks so much for everything, and I will definitely keep you in mind if I or anyone I know will be looking for land down there. Thanks again, George, it has been a real pleasure working with you."
- Kathy Gotto

"Since I live almost three hours from the land I purchased, most of my contact with Acorn Realty was done on the telephone. I can't tell you how many times I had "one more question". I found each of my calls treated as important and handled with the utmost respect. I would use Acorn Realty in the future and would highly recommend working with them."
- Peggy Shamblin

"We would not hesitate to send you our family and friends, if they would need anything in that area. We have already sent you our friend Rodney, who is also very happy with his purchase. We look forward to doing more business with you in the future."
- Abran and Brenda Gonzales

"We want to thank you once again for the wonderful job you did selling our house. It wasn't just the showing, but all the many details that you took care of that were above and beyond the job of sales person. We are happy that we chose you and are sure you will always be a success. We miss Walsenburg and all the good people we know there but it was time for us to go. We hope we can visit one day soon again. Thanks from both of us. Sincerely,
- Bill & Doris Dernell

"We appreciate your patience in assisting us with purchasing our home. You knew what we were looking for and only took us to the homes you thought we would be interested in. You returned calls promptly and professionally. During the process of waiting to close on the house you kept us informed. We love our home and are pleased with the outcome from the beginning of searching for a home to the closing. Thanks so much for the gift you gave us, we love it. Anyone we know that is looking for a house, we will send them to you." Sincerely,
- Amy Crandell

"Susie, it was such a pleasure to do business with you and we think you brought us the perfect couple to buy this house. Thank you for all of your help while we were in Walsenburg."
- Cermit and Patrice Henningsen

"Though we had a limited amount of time to find the right home for us and weren't sure of the size home we need, Susie, you patiently showed us dozens of homes and answered all of our questions. You treated us like family. We recommend anyone buying or selling real estate in Walsenburg or the Huerfano county area to contact Acorn Realty."
- Al and Brenda Murphy

"Thank you so much for helping my cousins find the right place to retire. You are very professional and courteous and helpful. I hope some day to see you again and use your services to find my retirement home in southern Colorado."
- Mickey Hubbard

"I looked at the listing on your website and you did a wonderful job presenting our property. It looks so good. You have a very nice website and I am impressed."
- Sharon Ansel

"Thank you so much for all your hard work in selling our house. You don't know how much we appreciate all you have done. Thanks again."
- Joe Nardine and Pat Zgut

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